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  • SKU: SKU4221
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Earthling Publications
  • Artist: Edward Miller
  • Print Run: 500
  • Release Date: Halloween 2019


(Signed Limited)

James Moore



Black Stone Bay has seen more than its fair share of violence and bloodshed, death and disease, and still it perseveres.

All that has happened to the town could be placed on the vampire known as Jason Soulis. He has made the 'Bay his petri dish upon which to create new, stronger versions of the undead. He has watched as first a plague of vampires attacked the town and then a plague created by vampires spread an unholy infection through the area, killing young and old, weak and strong, without bias. Soulis has spent over a hundred years attempting to make the perfect predator.

One of his nightmares left wandering Black Stone Bay has a new target and this time that victim takes matters into her own hands. She calls on a man who saved her once before, Jonathan Crowley, the man called the Hunter. That would hardly concern Soulis, safe and thousands of miles away, but something from his past has come to haunt him. One of his experiments he'd long forgotten has come back from the dead and intent on only one thing: destroying Soulis and all that he has ever cared for.

The bloodlines that Jason Soulis has created are gathering now for one final conflict, and Black Stone Bay is the battlefield where all will be decided. Blood will flow and the town will again be reminded that the night has very sharp teeth.