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  • SKU: SKU9636
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Dark Renaissance Books
  • Artist: Santiago Caruso
  • Print Run: 100
  • Release Date: 2015
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(Signed numbered paperback)

Reggie Oliver




In THE SEA OF BLOOD Reggie Oliver brings together some of the finest work from his six collections of stories, and some which have not been published before.

A long-dead nun with a fatal gift for prophesy comes to you across a sea of blood…

A television reality show host tries to restore a derelict London Music Hall and accidentally uncovers the true identity of Jack the Ripper…

A great Shakespearean actor is haunted by his former mistress in the shape of an all too affectionate cat…

A terribly strange meeting takes place on a playing field between an officer on leave from the World War I trenches and his former headmaster…

An aristocrat tries to exploit a haunted room at his county seat, but has the tables turned on him by a member of the Royal Family…

A theatrical landlady has her house taken over by a troupe of midgets who will not leave her alone, even after they are dead…

A Pantomime Horse is haunted…

The Devil and the Seven Deadly Sins go on holiday to an English seaside resort and create havoc…

And many other equally strange and terrible events, all told in Oliver’s famously elegant and evocative style.

You are in for a sophisticated ride… Nightmarish, terrifying, dangerous, theatrical, often strangely profound, a ride which will inspire and haunt your mind.

Winner of the 2012 Children of the Night Award for Best Work of Supernatural Fiction and short listed for numerous other awards.