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  • SKU: SKU2971
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Bad Moon Books
  • Artist: GAK
  • Page Count: 374
  • Release Date: February 2012


(Trade paperback)

John Palisano



Something strange has changed in Josiah. He has awoken with the power to give life to the dead. And he isn't the only one with an amazing new ability. Halfway across the world, his brother Horace discovers his very presence can kill.

The brothers' powers are not a secret to everyone, however. The vampiric witch Ogam plans to claim them for his own. The only hope for the brothers' safety is to escape to the otherworld known as Alta, where they can realize the true power of their supernatural gifts.

Will they be able to defeat Ogam ,or will he take their love, their family, and their very souls?