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HELL'S DOCTOR by Lee F. Jordan (Signed trade paperback)
  • SKU: SKU2070
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Black Rose
  • Page Count: 354
  • Release Date: 2011

HELL'S DOCTOR by Lee F. Jordan (Signed trade paperback)

(Signed trade paperback)

Lee F. Jordan



Victor Stevens is the Doctor of Hell. His only assignment is to welcome the new arrivals by administering punishment. He is extremely effective in causing pain babies to suffer immensely before they’re subsequently assigned to a room.

Mack Teacher was a 1940′s detective who was sent to Hell for committing suicide after his wife passed away from cancer. He’s always been good with mysteries and is basically Hell’s Detective.

Annicka, a council member, is told of a powerful article hidden somewhere in the City of Hell called the Black Rose. Whoever possesses the Rose can reverse the direction of the portal that brings new arrivals to hell, effectively sending them back up. She searches for and finds an ancient scroll which is an intricate set of puzzles that leads to the location of the Black Rose. She orders Mack and his new assistant, Byron Michaels, to unlock the secret of the scroll and find the Rose.

Meanwhile, Victor operates on a patient named David, and learns of a way to keep the portal open for six more minutes. He jealousy guards this secret and sets off on a quest to locate the ingredients to make the cocktail to keep the portal open. David, who developed the cocktail, goes with him on the journey.

Mack and Byron unravel the scroll’s secrets piece by piece as they work out the various puzzles on the scroll. Each of the puzzles is reverse logic and leads them deeper into Hell, where they have to outwit and escape the torturous room mothers who will stop at nothing to add them to their stable of prisoners. Several of the rooms contain famous persons from the surface who try to throw them off track, including prisoners like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.