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  • SKU: SKU10081
  • Weight: 6.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Cemetery Dance
  • Artist: Don Maitz & Glenn Chadbourn
  • Page Count: 528
  • Print Run: 3000
  • Release Date: November 2016
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(Gift edition)

Stephen King



The Shining: The Deluxe Special Edition (Volume Three in the "Doubleday Years" Collection) by Stephen King

Featuring full color wrap-around artwork by Don Maitz and full color interior paintings printed on a high-quality glossy stock and tipped into the book!

• an introduction by Stephen King

• an afterword by Mick Garris

• the complete text of "Before the Play," Stephen King's 40 page prologue that has never appeared in any edition of The Shining, restored at the beginning of the book where King originally intended it to be published

• a Deleted Material section, which contains HUNDREDS of sentences, paragraphs, and even scenes not included in the final book we all know and love. Of particular interest is a four page section toward the end known as "After the Play," which even Stephen King believed had been lost forever because he didn't have a copy in his archives!

• an essay entitled, "The Shine Manuscript: An Early Draft of The Shining" by Jon Page, the collector who discovered all of the text we're including in the Deleted Material section

• deluxe oversized design (7 inches X 10 inches) featuring two color interior printing as part of the page design

• printed on a heavy interior specialty paper stock that is much thicker than the paper in a normal trade edition

• custom-made slipcase for the Gift Edition, custom-made traycase for the Numbered Artist Edition, and custom-made three piece traycase for the Deluxe Lettered Artist Edition

• epic wrap-around full color dust jacket artwork by Don Maitz

• a different full color dust jacket for the Numbered Artist Edition painted by Don Maitz

• full color interior paintings by Don Maitz

• interior artwork will be printed on a heavy glossy stock and tipped into the book

• special limitation page artwork for all three editions by Glenn Chadbourne

• high-quality endpapers and fine bindings

• extremely collectible print run that is a tiny fraction of the TENS OF MILLIONS of copies of this novel you've seen in bookstores over the years!

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