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  • SKU: SKU3590
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Screaming Dreams
  • Page Count: 114
  • Release Date: 2009


(Trade Paperback)

Gary McMahon



London is an open wound, a festering tumour upon the skin of England through which oozes the rancid pus of society.

Overcrowded streets filled with vacant, directionless zombies who see nothing past the bubble that surrounds them; gridlocked traffic stretching for miles and miles, across and beyond the city boundaries, snarling up the woefully inadequate road layout; a Third World public transport system, packed way beyond capacity with silently seething commuters who are all far too near their wits’ end to be properly sane.

Forget what you read in trashy Style publications aimed at impressionable fifteen year olds; in London-set novels written by trendy young authors trying to be the new enfant terrible of English letters; in cookie-cutter arts reviews from the pages of middle-class Lifestyle Magazines that fold and go bust a week after their first issue. Forget also the achingly hip images you see on popular TV, or in films starring the new Hot Young Things – the media-created “Brit Pack” – and set in the hustling, bustling, cool and utterly fictional metropolis that beats like a heart at the centre of our nation.

But remember when I tell you this: London is a ghost town.