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  • SKU: SKU2575
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Necro Publications
  • Artist: Travis Anthony Soumis
  • Page Count: 255
  • Print Run: 100
  • Release Date: 2006
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(Signed Limited Hardcover)

Charlee Jacob


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An all new collection from the reigning queen of disturbing, beautifully brutal, literary horror. Multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist, Charlee Jacob, delivers a book packed with some of her finiest short story and novella work:

FRIGID: Frost lovers needed and fulfilled the needs of frost people. But what were those needs?

YEAH, YEAH, DOG GONE SOUTH: The old Gods were returning, down from the sky or out of the mud?

TALES FROM A GRAY WOMB: The otherworld crone wanted the adoption agency to return her baby---and she wouldn't accept substitutions.

ROOM: The woman who came to see the room-to-rent needed to move NOW!

13 HOURS SPENT STALKING EURYDICE: Orpheus went to Hell itself to save his lost bride...couldn't she move a little faster?

LOCKED INSIDE THE BUZZWORD BOX: Her body had always been a prison within a prison, yet her mind freed itself to wander the madness.

AND WHERE THY FOOTSTEP GLEAMS: He couldn't think or speak clearly, yet the shadow women knew why they wanted him.

GEEK POEMS: Lovers reunite to discover their connection with the flavor of cherries.